The ABCR Award seeks to identify and reward excellence and innovation in fundraising for civil society organizations, valuing both the individual – the fundraiser – and the organizations themselves. It is a great celebration of professionals who have been working for a stronger and more sustainable civil society for years, bringing donors closer to causes and organizations.

Check out the winners of the last editions of the ABCR Award:

2020 Edition (watch here how was the handover ceremony)

  • Best Donation Initiative – United Against Covid-19, by the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation
  • Best Punctual Action – “Blessed Beetle”, by Lar da Menina
  • Best Digital Solution – Peripheral, by AgenciaIs
  • Best Donation Action – União Amazônia Viva, from União Amazonia Viva

2019 Edition

  • Best Single Action: COMBEMTU – Association for the Care of Children and Adolescents
  • Best Initiative: Associação Renal Vida
  • CAptadora Emerita: Carla Nóbrega

2018 Edition

  • Captor of the Year: Giuseppina Fulco
  • Organization of the Year: Brazil Foundation
  • Emerita Pickup: René Steuer

2017 Edition

The second edition of the ABCR Award had the following categories, and the respective winners:

  • Captor of the Year: Luciana Patrícia de Moraes Botelho
  • Best Funding Event: Mc Dia Feliz, by the Ronald McDonald Institute
  • Best Direct Mail: Family, God's dream, from the Militia of the Immaculate
  • Captor Emerita: Célia Cruz

2016 Edition

The Award had its first edition held in 2016 and had five categories. The winners were:

  • Captor of the Year: Walter Fernandes dos Santos Júnior
  • Organization of the Year: STEPS – WinBelemDon
  • More transparent organization: Sitawi – Finanças do Bem
  • Best Funding Site: Habitat for Humanity Brazil
  • Captor Emeritus: Marcelo Estraviz
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