Get to know ABCR's management partners, who are supporting us to make an Association stronger in management and transparent in action, generating even more impact for the Third Sector.

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The AUDISA Group provides auditing and consulting services for the Third Sector and corporate social responsibility. It is the result of the experience and professionalism of our managers and employees, who maintain the company's reputation for competence, credibility and independence, conquered throughout its trajectory, which this year completes 20 years. As differentials, the following stand out: the Field Work – in which the punctual analysis of the day-to-day of the Entity is carried out and translated into an easy to understand language – and the Audisa x Entity synergy, being essential for the success of the project and better quality in the final results.



HostMídia is a leading provider of domains, hosting, servers and other web solutions. Focused on providing a stable, safe and high-speed environment for everyone who seeks to materialize their dreams on the internet, from the entrepreneur who is starting his business to the large company that needs a solid structure and highly qualified support.

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