The ABCR is made up of professionals from the sector and organizations that, by joining us, are contributing to the strengthening of the mobilization of resources in the country, in addition to counting on counterparts that will contribute to its development.

ABCR members are natural people (individuals), who pay 240 reais per year. Legal entities (organizations, companies or public bodies) can also join ABCR, as sponsors, and there are three different modalities: basic, complete and ABCR partner, with values ​​of 750, 3 thousand and 10 thousand real, respectively.

To become a member, simply access HERE.

Already an ABCR member and want to update your details? Access HERE.

Check the table of benefits and compensations for ABCR Members below:

 Natural PersonLegal Person
Basic Plan
ABCR NetworkABCR Partner
AnnuityR$ 240R$ 750R$ 3.000R$ 10.000
Quota - Ticket 6xR$ 40R$ 125R$ 500R$ 1.667
Member certificateXXXX
Member cardXXXX
Name at the ABCR websiteXXXX
ABCR exclusive newsletterXXXX
Participation in ABCR's exclusive Thematic GroupsXXXX
Participation in exclusive surveysXXXX
Participation in ABCR AssembliesXXXX
Voting and possibility of candidacy in the ABCR AssembliesX
Participation in the ABCR Ethics and Regulation Committee (when constituted)X
Access to exclusive content from the Association of Fundraising Professionals (temporarily suspended)X
20% discount for CFRE certificationX
Discount at ABCR Festival20%20% - até 3 inscrições30% - inscrições ilimitadas50% - inscrições ilimitadas
Discount on other paid ABCR events20%20% - até 3 inscrições30% - inscrições ilimitadas50% - inscrições ilimitadas
Discount at FIFE (offered by Instituto Filantropia)30%30%30%1 bolsa
Prose Publications Center75% de desconto1 licença incluída3 licenças incluídas5 licenças incluídas
Fundraising Academy6 meses gratuitos1 licença incluída3 licenças incluídas5 licenças incluídas
7% discount on ESPM EADXXXX
Discount with ABCR partnersXXXX
Palestras / Debates Online exclusivosXXXX
Online inquiry: forwarding questions about fundraising to specialistsXX
Logo at the ABCR websiteXX
ABCR Network SealXX
Full scholarship at ABCR Festival13
Logo at the ABCR Festival X
Lecture at the ABCR FestivalX
Exclusive talk for the teamX
Invitation to the ABCR Award CommitteeX
Invitation to the ABCR Advocacy CommitteeX
Invitation to the Scientific Committee of the ABCR FestivalX
Citação nominal nos eventos da ABCRX
To become a member, simply access HERE.

To download the modalities in PDF version, click here.

Want to know more about being an ABCR member? Talk to us on WhatsApp accessing here.
(service during business hours, during working days)

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