Deliberative Council

Márcia Woods

(ABCR 00221) President

Social communicator from ESPM, with a specialization in Business Administration from UCBerkeley, and in Third Sector Management and Advocacy from FGV. She has more than 20 years of experience in the third sector, as a manager and specialist in social investment. She worked at the Australian Red Cross and the Institute for the Development of Social Investment (Idis), where she served as Director of Institutional Development and Executive Director. She is the author of the publication “The Practical Guide to Cause-Related Marketing: Guidelines and Cases” and the book “Trends of Private Social Investment in Latin America”. She is an advisor to the José Luiz Egydio Setúbal Foundation, president of the Associação dos Amigos de Alto dos Pinheiros (Saap), member of the curator council of the Stickel Foundation and of the coordinating committee of the Movement for a Culture of Donation.

Michel Freller

(ABCR 00258) Vice-President

Speaker, teacher, consultant and facilitator. Public administrator graduated from FGV-SP, Master in Business Administration from PUC-SP. Specialist in ESG and SDGs, bridging companies and non-profit organizations. He has actively participated in non-profit organizations for over 40 years. As a consultant, since 1993 he has been developing his work with an emphasis on planning the mobilization of resources with and without incentives. He has participated in several fundraising meetings in different countries. He is a postgraduate professor at Senac and PUC / Cogea-SP and at free courses on the Philanthropy network. He wrote the “Guide on Tax Incentives for CSO Fundraisers” (2017). Voluntary advisor at Instituto Filantropia, Fundação Ilumina, CIP, Ciam and the Brazilian Association of Professionals for Sustainable Development (Abraps). Founder and director of Criando Consultoria.

Andrea Peçanha Travassos

(ABCR 03173) ABCR Advisor

ABCR Advisor. Biologist, pedagogue and specialist in Environmental Sciences. She has an MBA in Management and Social Entrepreneurship from FIA/USP and executive training in Impact Measurement for Non-Profit Organizations from the Harvard Kennedy School. She has worked at the Instituto de Pesquisas Ecológicas (IPÊ) for over 20 years, where she focuses her actions on institutional development and fundraising. She coordinates the Sustainable Business Unit, which received the Ford Award for Environmental Conservation. She has extensive experience in topics related to the management and governance of CSOs and cross-sector partnerships, as well as in cause-related marketing (CRM), an area in which she has an international background. She is responsible for planning, developing and managing institutional partnerships with several national and multinational companies, institutes and foundations. President of the Scientific Committee of the ABCR Festival 2021.

Ana Carolina Barros Pinheiro Carrenho

(ABCR 05492) ABCR Advisor

Lawyer, Master in Law, Justice and Development from IDP, founder of Pinheiro Carrenho Advogados Associados, working in institutional development, taxation, certifications and advocacy for national and international organizations. She is currently President of Third Sector Law Commission of the OAB/SP, professor in the Specialization Course at the Escola Superior de Advocacia da OAB/SP, coordinator of courses on legal topics at the Open School of the Third Sector, member of the NEPATS Research Group at the Catholic University of Brasília and speaker in the third sector at Instituto Filantropia.

Camila Cheibub Figueiredo

(ABCR 04453) ABCR Advisor

Postgraduate in Education Management in the New Millennium, at the Singularidades Institute, Graduated in Public Administration at EAESP/FGV-SP, where she is studying a Professional Master's in Management for Competitiveness in the Sustainability area. With more than 20 years of experience in the social sector, she began her career at the São Paulo Museum of Modern Art and worked as an independent consultant for Banco Alfa, Instituto Sou da Paz, Articultura and IDIS. Since 2004, she has been Managing Partner of Neuronio Activation of Business and Causes. Between 2014 and 2020 she acted as manager of Fundação Educar DPaschoal.

Nailton Cazumbá

(ABCR 5486) ABCR Advisor

Accountant, with a postgraduate degree in Accounting for Third Sector Organizations, and Auditing and Controllership. Managing Partner of Pauta Accounting, Consulting and Training Consultant in Partnership Management in public administration bodies and CSOs. Accountant and Consultant in non-profit private entities. Professor in postgraduate courses. Author and instructor of training courses in the Third Sector area. Consultant in the implementation of operating systems in Third Sector Organizations. Consultant in the elaboration and reformulation of Statutes of Foundations and Associations. Member of the Working Group responsible for the elaboration of the State Decree of the Regulatory Framework for Civil Society Organizations – MROSC – Bahia. Specialist in tax incentive laws. Columnist at Nossa Causa website. Course Instructor and Columnist at Escola Aberta do Terceiro Setor.

Rafael Vargas

(ABCR 01332) ABCR Advisor

Administrator; Coordinator of the Fundraising Center of the Government of the State of Rondônia and Implementation of the Model of Excellence in Management in Union Transfers (MEG-Tr); Social Entrepreneur, professor, speaker, advisor and consultant by VARGAS Consultoria. From 2015 to 2019 Technical Advisor of the 3rd Sector in the Government of RO in the implementation of Partnership procedures, Responsible for the regulation of Law 13.019/2014 in the State of Rondônia, preparing Decree 21.431/2016 and Accountability Manual; Director President of the North Amazon Institute for Support to the Third Sector (Inats); Volunteer at the Mother Mazzarello Social Center (Cesmmazza). Professor at the Third Sector Open School; Teacher at Captamos; Multiplier member of Plataforma mais Brasil in the State of Rondônia; counselor Municipal Council for the Defense of Children and Adolescents of PLHIV (Cmdca) and State Councilor for the Rights of Children and Adolescents of the State of RO (Conedca).

Victor Graça

(ABCR 02913) ABCR Advisor

Executive Manager of Fundação Abrinq, a non-profit organization whose mission is to defend the rights and exercise of citizenship of children and adolescents in Brazil. Bachelor in Communication/Publicity, with specialization in Administration for Third Sector Organizations from FGV. Specialist in fundraising by Indiana University – Center on Philanthropy with more than 20 years of career dedicated to social and childhood issues. Volunteer Work: by Be My Eyes, Director of the APF Associação Paulista de Fundações; Counselor of ABCR Brazilian Association of Fundraisers; Member of the Movement for the Culture of Giving. Former counselor of the Museum of the Person; PIR Public Interest Registry.

Executive Team

João Paulo Vergueiro

(ABCR 00180) Executive Director of ABCR

Professor and coordinator of Alumni Alvaristas and the Scholarship Fund at FECAP, administrator and master in public administration from FGV-SP, and a bachelor's degree in Law from USP. Counselor at Fundação Amor Horizontal, at Kibô-no-Iê and at the Regional Board of Directors of São Paulo, as well as a volunteer in the communication ministry of Paróquia N. Sra. da Saúde and member of ABRH-SP.

Gabriela Cassoli

ABCR Communications Coordinator

Graduated in Social Communication with qualification in Public Relations from FECAP. She has been working with communication and the Third Sector since 2017. In recent years she worked at Insper – Instituto de Ensino e Pesquisa, where she worked with communication and fundraising for the university's scholarship fund. At ABCR, she coordinates institutional communication and communication strategies for the Day of Donating in Brazil.

Fiscal Council

Daniela Weiers de Oliveira

(ABCR 00088) ABCR Advisor

He was a member of the Deliberative Council of ABCR in the 2018-2021 and 2015-2018 administrations and before that he was part of the Executive Board from 2012-2015, having supported in this period, among other projects, the financial planning and control processes, advocacy actions and the ABCR Festival. Business Administrator and Master in Public Administration and Government from FGV-EAESP, specializing in social impact, fundraising and project management, Daniela is currently Operations Manager at Synergos Brasil, an organization that works to strengthen the philanthropy of individuals, families and organizations and in promoting collaborative action. She has more than 20 years of experience in managing civil society organizations, especially in the financial, administrative and fundraising areas. Throughout her career, she has worked for Brazilian non-profit organizations such as Associação Vaga Lume, Museu da Pessoa and Associação Evangélica Beneficente, in addition to acting as a consultant.

Loriberto Starosky Filho

(ABCR 02026) ABCR Fiscal Counselor

Professor, researcher, speaker, accountant and consultant, he has a Doctorate in Business Administration (UFSC) and a Master's in Accounting (FURB). Partner of Orplan Assessoria Empresarial and Direcon Accounting, his experience with third sector organizations began in 1995, with accounting advice, and was later expanded to the preparation and analysis of projects, fundraising through incentive laws, controllership and provision of accounts. Vice coordinator of the ABCR / SC Nucleus, and vice coordinator of the Social Responsibility nucleus of the Blumenau Business Association (ACIB), he is also a member of the special funds working group at FECAM – Santa Catarina Federation of Municipalities. In addition, he works as a tax advisor in several organizations in Santa Catarina. ABCR member since 2012.

Maria Madalena Santos C. Raptopoulos

(ABCR 05453) ABCR Tax Advisor

Academic in the area of ​​the Third Sector and Social Economy as a PhD student in Management and Research Assistant in the areas of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at the Business Research Unit (BRU) of Iscte - Instituto Universitário de Lisboa. Master in Business Administration from IAG/PUC Rio, with diploma recognized by Iscte-IUL and DGES in Portugal. Postgraduate Executive MBA in Finance from IBMEC/RJ. Professional with more than 30 years of experience in public, private and Third Sector institutions, having worked as Director of Administration and Finance, Deputy Director of Controllership and Senior Controller at the Social Organization RNP for 11 years, but also as Controller and Finance Manager and Costs for another 5 years. He has experience and leadership in the areas of Finance, Accounting, Controllership, Auditing (Internal, Independent and Governmental), Administration and Management, Planning and Budget, Strategy and Entrepreneurship, Procurement, Corporate Governance, Risk Management and Compliance, Transparency and Open Data, Information Management, Human Resources Management, Process and Project Management, and Physical and Financial Accountability.
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