The ABCR – Brazilian Association of Fundraisers is a non-profit organization made up of fundraisers and fundraisers whose main objective is to establish a wide national network, strengthening ties between professionals who work in the area and providing conditions for technical exchange, the exchange of experiences and the common development of the profession.

Created in 1999, ABCR's mission is to promote, develop and qualify the fundraising activity, seen today as one of the great challenges of the Third Sector. Its main goals include working to ensure the credibility and representativeness of the profession and indirectly supporting social organizations in the important task of building a more just society.

Currently, there are more than 300 members of ABCR, individuals and sponsoring partners (civil society organizations or companies), spread across the country. By joining ABCR, all associates undertake to honor and disseminate the Captadores Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, which is a major guidance document for professional fundraising work in the world. Both individuals and legal entities (private entities and social organizations) can join, and in the latter case without the right to vote in the Assemblies.

ABCR is managed by its Deliberative Council, and managed by a Executive Team, based on the definitions established by its Bylaws. ABCR's national headquarters are located in São Paulo.

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