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      We have several exclusive benefits that range from name on the ABCR website to discounts on events.

      What we do

      The ABCR - Associação Brasileira de Captadores de Recursos (Brazilian Association of Fundraisers) brings together and represents professionals in fundraising, resource mobilization and institutional development, who work for civil society organizations in Brazil. We hold events, courses, campaigns and a series of other initiatives to strengthen the sector and support those who work for a more just and democratic society.

      WHO WE ARE


      Leave your comment, complaint or suggestion and we will contact you shortly. It is also possible to submit a vacancy to be published on our website.

      WARNING: ABCR does not appoint fundraisers and does not share lists and contacts, does not evaluate fundraising projects and does not carry out fundraising for our members or third parties. Messages with requests like these will NOT be answered.


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